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We are at the intersection of capital and community

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Real Property

Ayrshire’s primary focus is real assets. We pursue thematic, research driven investment strategies where we believe profit and purpose materially outweigh risk. These opportunities typically surface from deep community relationships and from circumstances where we can apply creative problem solving and hands-on active management.

Whether acquiring income producing assets or pursuing new developments, we look to deploy capital with a paradigm of value creation leveraging our vertically integrated development and construction teams as well as our synergistic portfolio companies. We are driven by creating lasting and scalable relationships with our stakeholders and project partners.

Our leadership team has over 200 years of combined investment, engineering and contracting experience at some of Canada’s leading institutions. During our careers we have managed or developed over $10 billion of assets and been principals or advisors on over $10 billion of corporate transactions.


We are energized by creative solutions to difficult problems. Housing needs are a material problem in many communities across Canada but also a large opportunity to create positive change. Through our Housing Impact Funds, we are aiming to deploy private capital alongside municipalities, non-profits and other community stakeholders to develop, repurpose or renovate well-needed rental stock. We target multi-family rental acquisition or development opportunities ranging from $25M to $250M with tangible outcomes relating to social inclusion, climate action and housing affordability. Our team has an active, hands-on approach to investment management, construction and development given our vertical integration and synergistic portfolio companies.

We are interested in supporting the following community stakeholders and opportunities:

Non-profit housing entities

Municipalities through land purchases

Public private partners (3P)

Government insurance, credit or grant providers

First Nations

Local businesses or institutions

Income earning acquisitions with excess development density

Other community investors


We are interested in deploying capital into retail, office or industrial acquisition or development opportunities with strong risk-adjusted return metrics. These returns typically stem from acquiring underutilized assets below replacement cost and applying creative solutions for increasing value. We rely on hands-on active management and deep community integration. Ingredients for value creation have surfaced from cyclically opportunistic transactions, liquidity constraints, asset specific partners or other special situations, including:

Tenant partnerships

Sale leasebacks

Use conversions

Excess density

Portfolio acquisitions

Creative leasing

Active management

Unique deal structuring